WalletCloud API

Welcome to WalletCloud API

Hello!👋 Are you curios about what WalletCloud's API is, how it works, and what you can do with it? Look no further!

What is WalletCloud?

WalletCloud is a blockchain wallet API provider that allows companies to securely carry out blockchain transactions.

How does WalletCloud API work?

Once you integrate WalletCloud API into your products, your users will be able to generate unique addresses, send and receive crypto assets into their addresses.
To integrate our API into your products, you'll need an account, if you don't have an account now, you can create one here. After creating and verifying your account, you need to create a wallet for any crypto asset you'd like to transact.
Your wallet api key and pass-phrase will be provided to you after verifying your wallet. Your wallet api key and passphrase are securely managed by AWS Key Management Service. With your wallet credentials you can connect to our API service and start sending transactions.

WalletCloud security considerations

All wallet private keys and pass-phrases are managed by the AWS Key Management Service. Keys are generated and managed by the KMS and never leave it. Furthermore, we rely on dynamically generated AWS Identity and Access Management policies to isolate access to wallet keys among tenants.
As for API keys, these are only kept in memory during creation when they are sent to the client. After that, they are hashed and stored securely in AWS Api Gateway, which is used behind the scenes for authenticating API requests. This makes API keys easy to rotate while preserving the same private key on the KMS.